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DM TECHS offers you the best tattoo sleeves

Arm sleeve tattoos , or otherwise called arm sleeve tattoos, have been a real fashion phenomenon in recent years.

Firstly from Asian culture, this product has conquered the whole world by crossing all borders. Being specialists in arm sleeves , we offer you the best tattoo sleeves with all the know-how of our teams and the best quality of materials on the market.

tattoo cuff - DM TECHS

What is a tattoo sleeve

The tattoo sleeve is a compression sleeve on which we have worked the fabric to make it semi-transparent and by applying a series of hand-drawn tattoos by our designers. The tattoo arm sleeve keeps all its performance properties but is more aesthetically oriented.

What are the advantages of a tattoo sleeve?

The tattoo sleeve allows you to enjoy the world of tattoos without them being permanent on your skin. The diversity of the collection offered by DM TECHS allows you to obtain dozens of models and change them as you wish. In addition, it allows you to disguise yourself , create extremely trendy outfits and stand out by creating disguises never seen elsewhere and all this at an extremely negligible budget compared to those of ink tattoos .

Tattoo cuff collection -DM TECHS

In addition, the tattoo sleeve retains its performance properties resulting from our know-how and therefore retains its properties of muscle compression, blood thinning and improvement of venous return .

As you will have understood, the tattoo sleeve appears to be an essential to have in order to have style, to disguise yourself and to be efficient with a small budget and superior quality.

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